At EWAV Works, we offer a package of holistic services to our clients in order to meet their single-project demands and to also integrate sustainability into the existing operations of the organisation. Our basic services include:


We believe that when the employees of a company become aware of the importance of sustainable operations and its benefit to the community and planet at large, they usually turn to the most valuable sources of efficiency and innovation. Hence, we give additional value to training because of its multiple benefits.

We help engage all staff members within the organisation and start embedding sustainability into the existing culture of the company. The training typically focus on basic and essential sustainability theory and practices. We also offer specific suggestions in addition to highlighting relevant organisational examples, as well as best practices.

Our training sessions are highly customised and interactive and could last for an entire day.
They cover all kinds of useful topics that would benefit that specific organisation.


It is possible to enhance business performance with the integration of new environmental, economic and social practices into the routine business operations and decision making. With a sustainable approach, you get an unprecedented opportunity of increasing profitability, efficiency, driving innovation and attracting and retaining top talent. With our sustainable consultancy services, you are equipped to convert good intention into all kinds of profitable
activities and make your business stand out from others in the market. You are guaranteed to get the respect, attention and loyalty of your customers, employees and prospects.

Once our consultants formulate key objectives, they will formulate a customised plan for your business including timelines, specific action items, as well as measurable objectives. We work with all organisations and create an integrated ‘green’ team. This group is essentially responsible for the implementation of initiatives and takes them forward.

Within our consultancy services, we also offer expert resources, suppliers and partners so that
you get assistance in various areas of implementation.


The investors and key stakeholders of an organisation will most likely require a detailed sustainability report. Every organisation might decide differently on how to communicate its past and present sustainability initiatives to different audiences.

At EWAV Works, we can assist you in creating sustainability reports which are able to meet the purpose of your organisation and reach the intended audience. We are trained, certified and experienced in offering globally recognised auditing standards.